Learning to Live Here


I perched on the edge of my seat
Noticing the dust on my baseboards.
I decided today is the day it stays.
I will not spend my days cleaning
To the glory of the critics imagined.
To think of the time I spent babbling
As I forgot to listen in love.
To think of the times I rushed
And missed the moss-bedecked rocks.
I will not miss the delicacies life extends
By blotting them away in haste.
This is my industrialization.
I will erect towers of rest,
And create roads of being.
I will lay down my doing,
For a chance to build up my humanity.
I will walk in the rain bare faced,
I will shirk my responsibilities for play,
Let the kid things pile in my car,
Let my carpet depict a life lived.
I am becoming a person,
One who lives more and loses less.