The We Files on (in)courage!

The We Files on (in)courage!

"Mommy! Mommy!" My child is running at me. Tears mark her face, which displays an erupting anger and sadness. I scoop her into my arms, feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit in my heart.

In this current season, our house has felt like a battleground. The lovely moments are sparse, and the unruly, messy moments are frequent. Even in times of peace, the threat of renewed turbulence lingers. In this space, I've become quick to correct my daughter. I've become worn down and impatient.

When my daughter approaches me with all her feelings aflame, I snap. I’m quick to address her behavior before addressing her. That changed for me today.

It was a gentle nudge and a question: Does God have requirements for how we must behave when we come to Him?

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend and a grateful heart.