Is this what god had in mind?

Do parts of your daily existence make you lose your ever-loving mind? Perhaps it's just me. But at times I can find myself in disbelief. Questioning. Surely this is not what God intended. I feel resolve about much of what I'm doing with my life, but man, walking it out can be so hard. 

I am like the Israelites. As the story goes, God miraculously sends them food from Heaven. The food is manna, nourishment and fortification for their journey. Like the Israelites, the people God freed and created a way for, I've been spared from much. God's grace shelters me and gives me much to be grateful for, and yet I struggle and complain. God provides over and above for me each day, sending not only sustenance, but more than enough.

I was recently reminded of what Ann Voskamp mentioned about manna in her book One Thousand Gifts. Voskamp shares that manna means mystery. The Israelites are called to literally eat the mystery. We too are called to take in God's mystery as nourishment. 

What He has for us and what He calls us to may be mysterious. But it is more than sufficient. It's His good grace. It's a gift and more.

He wants to provide. He wants to sustain us. He will give us what we need each day without fail. May we accept His continual, faithful goodness and accept the mystery. May we take it in and not look back.

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