You Can Do Today

You Can Do Today

You can do today. You can offer love to yourself and others. You can be a recipient and extender of grace.

You will not be perfect today. You can start afresh if you need to start again. God does do-overs.

Just show up. God's presence and goodness exist in each day. If you don't see it, create it. Remember God lives in you too.

The daily "must do's" are actually "get to's." These can be extravagant gifts if you welcome them in.

Let go. Of tension. Of frustration. Of stress. Of those old lies rolling around in your head. We get to make new stories now. Live in freedom.

The people in your life are gifts and teachers. Treasure them. They are on loan from God. Wrap your arms around them and love them, imperfections and all. 

Just as you are, you are beloved. You are here on purpose. 

God's mercies are new each day, each moment. 

God is for you. Trust Him to make something beautiful of it all. 

P.S. You can do tomorrow too. 

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