The We Files

"I'll illustrate your first book," a local artist told me as child. I was elated to have her approval, and I hoped she would illustrate all my books. I assumed I would write many, considering the amount of writing I was doing as a child. I never wrote that book. In fact, I stopped writing altogether. It is fuzzy now, whether my writing ceased due to fear of disapproval, the notion that creativity is an unworthy pursuit, or something in between. 

It happened shortly after moving to the city, miles away from everything I had known; I became reacquainted with parts of myself long forgotten. The notable author and researcher Brené Brown says creativity is a critical part of being a human, and the practice of creativity is a key to "wholehearted" living. That wisdom drove me back to writing — my long deserted companion. 

Even though I confess to leaving writing, I don't believe writing left me. Ideas wake me in the middle of the night. Thoughts rattle in my head until I put them into words.

You'll find those words here.

The human experience is my main inspiration for The We Files. I believe being a human is something to revel in. It is light and dark, beauty and burden, deserving of company and witness. It is something we are in together. A collective journey of feeling, expression, and creativity.

My writing will include reflections on eating, aging, child-rearing, and life in the Pacific Northwest. Welcome, and thanks for reading.