Faith and Questions

I have a lot of questions lately. How do our religious beliefs impact the way we treat others? What do we do with our questions about religion that are not easily resolved? What happens when our spiritual beliefs or questions collide with the beliefs of a "mainstream" religion?

I'm in a place where I have peace with my questions, knowing that I'll likely always have unanswered curiosities. In my mind, mystery comes with the human experience. Wonder, curiosity, and doubt are expressions of what it means to be thinking and feeling beings. All the more for someone with a belief in a higher power.

Faith is a wonderful thing, but I'm realizing more and more that so is questioning. The willingness to be honest about the limits of our own understanding. The courage to examine long-held beliefs. And the openness to discuss the areas in which our explanations seem to fall short. Wouldn't we be God, after all, if we were the ones with all the answers?

Would you share your thoughts? How do you wrestle with your own doubts or questions about your spirituality (if you consider yourself a spiritual person)? How does your community respond to individuals or groups with questions or curiosities? And finally, how do you navigate alternative views to your own faith? I would love to learn from you.