Interview a Creative: Eva of Little e. Workshop

I've known Eva of Little e. Workshop for over a decade. It's fitting that the first time I saw her she was playing music. She is a jack-of-all-trades and always has her hand on something creative. Her heart and soul is evident in everything she creates, giving her work depth, character, and vibrancy. An introduction to Eva and Little e. Workshop is the perfect beginning to this new series, "Interview a Creative." Eva crafts individualized pieces of art through modern calligraphy. She illustrates (pun intended) what it looks like to experiment with fearlessness. Here's the story of how Little e. Workshop came to life:

Eva Nappier of Little e. Workshop

Emily Hawkins: How did you start doing what you're doing?

Eva Nappier: I took a class through a local shop in San Luis Obispo, California. I loved it and continued to practice at home for fun, trying different techniques, styles, and mediums, which I'm still having fun with. A friend encouraged me to start selling them for a little extra money. I'm hoping it might one day turn into more than that.

EH: How was it to start doing something you've never done before?

EN: I was shocked that I could actually do it! I've always hated my writing, and I thought I was really bad at decorative lettering. But once I learned some technique, it came easier than I expected.

EH: What is your favorite part about getting to do this?

EN: The best part is that words are powerful. Making something that might encourage someone, make them laugh, challenge them, or bring them peace when they look at it on their wall each day feels so special. It feels like I get to be a part of their story. To me that is such an honor.

EH: How has creating impacted you as a person?

EN: I've always been happiest when creating. It's what I need to do in life to be happy and feel alive. Sometimes it's food or clothing, building a rabbit hutch, writing songs, singing, or crafting. My friend and I used to say that we felt more rested staying up all night feverishly crafting than if we'd skipped it and gone to bed like normal people. It refreshes the soul.

EH: Have you faced any resistance, internally or externally, pursuing this or other creative endeavors?

EN: The biggest resistance I ever faced was from myself. Fear of failure, or putting too much pressure on yourself to make something mind-blowingly awesome can really mess things up. And there's always the fear that something won't qualify as "real art." But I've decided not to care about that.

EH: What advice would you give someone who wants to create?

EN: If you want to create, start today. With whatever's in front of you. Don't wait for the perfect moment or illusive inspiration. Just make something crappy, and keep trying different things until you're making something you love.

Thank you, Eva! Your words have been inspiring me ever since you began your newest endeavor. You can say hi to Eva, hire her for your custom works, or check Little e. Workshop Instagram to shop!

Photos by Elliot Nappier