Like Daddy Does

"I'm doing this like daddy does sometimes," my daughter informed me as she arranged her Legos just so.

Her dad, Luke, and I have been chuckling at her frequent, keen observations of him. She will duplicate faces he makes, demonstrate how he taps his foot to music, and even take her shoes off in the spirit of reenactment. Our daughter is a true student of her father. 

It's striking how God uses parenthood to speak to us. I have been caught up in navel-gazing and comparison lately. Certainly, it seemed everyone was doing something different than me. My conclusion? I must be doing something wrong. My life doesn't look like the lives of those around me.

And yet, if I only took God at His word, I could trust Him with where I am, where I am going, and what I need. No comparison or self-contemplation required. Just like my daughter, I could watch and learn my Heavenly Father from a place of love.