A Note To Self Upon Turning 30

You're 30! A new decade! A fresh start. You love fresh starts. In the past, they've been times of drastic change and resolutions. But this time, it's a little different. You're learning that true change is gradual and constant. You are constantly changing and interested in new things. Keep getting excited about things, even if you feel like it makes you weird. Remember, it's okay that you are weird. But a note on getting excited about things — try not to let your brain get too immersed in the transient that you miss out on the major: the little things that make up your life. 

Since you've entered a new decade, it seemed a fitting time to have a "note to self" filled with things you'll want to remember for the next thirty years or more. I mentioned the little things that make up life. Those are actually the big things, the things that comprise the here and now. You'll want to keep in mind the beauty of your life in this present moment. All we have is now. Not the past, not the future. The biggest gift you can give yourself and others is to rediscover the lusciousness of the daily. Be where you are, and notice what there is to see. The current blue of the sky. The quality of the air. The way the girl points out animals in the clouds. Don't miss it. These things are fleeting and ever-changing. Absorb them as the treasures they are.

About the brilliant humans you know and encounter: enjoy them. Cherish others as they are, highlighting their unique strengths inwardly and outwardly. Care for them without any expectations that they must stay the same or do anything that might benefit you. People are not guaranteed to us. Communicate love and appreciation for others often, and let go of desires for people to be anything other than who they are. The ability to experience others without expectations or desire for their change is a true gift to both of you.

Grow in your curiosity. Play. For the joy of it. And because it doesn't matter how you look or how you might be perceived.

Challenge your own assumptions and fear. Remember that assumptions are our natural way of telling ourselves a complete story with partial information. Don't let your assumptions become judgments. When we refrain from judgment, we can more deeply appreciate the commonalities that unite us.

Appreciate that for the most part, we are all seeking happiness and trying to avoid suffering. Continue to lose pretense and self-importance. Losing self-importance elevates others and enriches life. A rich life, only heavy in love and light in judgments, is just what you want.

Lastly, a note about the bad times and the good. There's been a lot of hard in the recent past. But there's been good too. Brilliant, buoyant good. The kind that floats to the top and remains visible. There will continue to be both "bad" and good. But don't lose sight of the brilliant, and don't miss the lessons in the challenges.

There's much to be shared, people to be loved, and a life to be lived. Enjoy it. Happy new decade.