Gratitude Lately

How is your family doing? My family is currently under quarantine. This is the first time my husband, my daughter, and I have all been sick at the same time — and it has been the most intense cold of my adulthood. Sickness aside, I am relishing moments and attributes of life lately. I hope to hear what you are grateful for too.

Gratitude lately:

  • Watching the peach-colored sunrise from bed
  • Morning neighborhood walks after the rain
  • Our succulent, sunlit on the windowsill
  • Listening to my daughter's stories
  • Reading hilarious feminist books from noteworthy women 
  • Easing back into my daily yoga practice
  • Water with lemon and ginger
  • Pictures of treasured lifelong friends 
  • Savored letters from kindreds
  • Twinkly lights, still adorning our living room window

My life is better when I take the time to note the beauty present and the relationships that make life meaningful. What are you savoring in your life?