Body Positive Affirmations for Children (and Yourself!)

Body Positive Affirmations for Children (and Yourself!)

Children learn by watching and listening to us. If we want children to be attuned to their bodies and needs in a compassionate way, they need to see that modeled. I found that when I was practicing affirmations, my four year-old daughter loved to say them with me. There is no right or wrong way to say things that shape your thinking and help replace negative thoughts with new ones.

Start simple or small. Take this list of affirmations as ideas or starting points. I was in a group event with yoga teachers recently, and we were discussing how to "do no harm" in the yoga community. One of the teachers said something brilliant in regards to modeling positive relationships with our bodies and food, "We are just planting seeds." As parents or active participants in the lives of young ones, saying positive things is doing just that: planting seeds.

Body Positive Affirmations:

1. My body is capable.

2. I know when my body is hungry, and I know when my body is satisfied.

3. I can trust my body to tell me what feels right and what doesn't feel right.

4. I know how to move my body in ways that feel good to me.

5. All bodies are different, including my own! Differences are valuable and interesting.  

6. My body will change over time, just like things in nature change over time.

7. My body is resilient and does so much for me every day.

8. I am more than my body. 

9. I know when my body needs rest and when my body wants to move.

10. Health is so much more than food! Health is resting, playing, and nurturing myself and others.

Use what resonates and what feels good. Customize your affirmations and make them your own! Do you have any body positive affirmations? I'd love to hear them.