Missing Your Body's Signals

Missing Your Body's Signals

Dieting, disordered eating, and our culture all promote an unhealthy relationship with food and our bodies. They disconnect us from our bodies, meaning that listening to our internal signals feels nearly impossible at times. 

It wasn't until I read Intuitive Eating that I realized how little I knew my internal cues. Disordered eating is so damaging that we experience the loss of something natural and intuitive. We were born in touch with many of these needs, and hopefully we were able to experience childhood years where we trusted the signals our body sent and responded in kind.

If you are realizing you are also out of touch with your body's communications, know that this can take a lot of patience (and possibly a routine if you struggle to eat regularly). Because we have received so many messages that our bodies cannot be trusted, or learned how to override these signals to manipulate our bodies, reconnection takes time. 

You might have trouble responding to subtle hunger cues. Maybe you, like me, didn't even want to pee because the needs of your body felt inconvenient. The goal is to rebuild trust and create a relationship with your body that feels friendly and responsive.  

Start small. Make a plan to honor your hunger and fullness, or focus on your body's desire for rest and movement. If you notice you are having trouble with these signals, check out your environment. Often times life has to get simpler to become a more attuned, peaceful person. 

For more encouragement this week, here is a great post by a registered dietitian on hunger and fullness.