Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way

I see it all the time.

Someone is sharing how to get their life. About the "right" and "wrong way. How to embark on a lifestyle change or buy something that will solve all problems. Their words and images are selling me a lifestyle, and I want what they are selling.

I'll be honest. I enjoy and follow online entities that convey these ideas and sell their messages. I think it's natural to want someone to guide us - to tell us the way to live. How to feel happier and more secure. We listen to voices of the experts, but we do this at the expense of missing out on own.

That's the part that bugs me. If we're always opening ourselves up to the ideals of others, when will we take time to discover our own? Where is the space and freedom to do that important (and occasionally uncomfortable) work? 

I truly believe no one knows your right like you. No one has ever lived your life, known your history, and dwelled inside your body. You must do you - and you ultimately will guide yourself. And only you know what a meaningful and free looks like for you. Don't you want that? 

I believe we all crave it. A deep knowing of ourselves, and a compassionate lens for ourselves and others. Enough strength to stick to our values and enough flexibility to create a life we enjoy. It's more cultivated and less prescribed. 

Here are three ways you can tune into yourself today:

1. Get some time offline. I realize this requires you switching what you are doing right now. But you'll feel so good once you shut down the electronics and engage in some real life.

2. Practice meditation or breathing. Download Insight Timer or another app of your choice. Try sitting still for even three minutes, just drawing your attention to the movement of your breath in your body.

3. Move your body. There's a reason folks swear by activities like yoga and walking. Movement is good for the soul and your mind. 

What do you think? Is it tough to listen to your own instincts with all the noise out there? Be gentle with yourself, friends - and be sure to send me a message or leave a comment if you have more thoughts. I can't wait to hear them.